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rainbow wool

  • Fairy_floss
    available colours

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Marianne, the packs are Perfect!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful. Well done. The stamps are fantastic!!

tiel S-K

Well done..I'll email you ASAP!


Marianne, you've been busy! Bravo on offering these packs; the bird packs look really great. I'm glad you revceived the button package, but looking at your photo I just realized the buttons weren't too brightly colored! The little drawings were from The Small Object, courtesy of Sara Neuburger. -- Kelly

Marty Weil

This is really a clever and interesting use of ephemera. I hope you do really well with this idea...I certainly know a place where you can find more ephemera should you ever run out! Great concept.


you rock on everything you touch. I'm not sure how you do it. very inspiring!!!


oooh these look really nice, could do with stuff like this for my final art project. but how long would they take to ship to the UK??

Hilary Greenstein

I ordered the large pack a few weeks ago and it charged my credit card and everything but I haven't received the paper or an email saying it's on the way yet. How long will it take to ship I live in the US.

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