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Monday, 03 January 2011



you look great with a bob!!! happy new year~


I like the bob! If I could do one, it would be my forever hairstyle...in one shape or form.
It is timeless!


I like the bob. Not too short, not too long, just a perfectly bobby length. You could always try convincing the neighbour to sport a new look so it feels less like you have a mini clone next door.


I do the same thing with my hair...grow it..cut it...etc.
I also currently have a bob and have finally decided it's the most practical hairstyle for me.
Yours looks better though...:)


I like the bob on you! I got one this year too, except mine is curly. I call it my "I have two kids" haircut. No fuss but looks relatively hip.


the louise brooks dark bob is my ultimate ideal hairstyle. my curls mean i have never achieved it. now i have grown out the bob, am dragging hair to shoulders.. once i obtain the proper hair straightner all will be well! i hope. Yours looks great, prefect under gorgeous little hats no doubt?


It looks great! But I do the same thing, grow it, cut it, grow it, cut it...

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