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Saturday, 27 November 2010



Thank you so much! Your video must be magical, because mine now turn out almost as pretty as yours are.

And - not to sound creepy - I think you sound just fine; your voice is very elegant =).

Thanks, again!


Hi, Do you have written instructions for these flowers? I just forget what to do next.


Hello, Could you please e-mail a written instruction. thank you and I greatly appreciate this.


Your video is wonderful! I had to stop and translate from Uk stitch names to US stitch names but other than that it was very easy to follow. I'm working on a shawl for my 94 year old grandmother and I am making all kinds of flowers and putting them together. This one will certainly be in it! I also have been looking for some helpful sites for a friend in the UK who wants to learn and I will be passing you along to her. :-)

For anyone who might need it here are the US translations for the stitches

Double Crochet is a single crochet
Treble is a Double Crochet
Half Treble is a Half double crochet
Double Treble is a triple crochet
Slip stitch and chain are universal to both.

Thanks again for the time and effort to make this

Lea Etta

Love watching you crochet the flower. Thanks for sharing.

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