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Sunday, 01 November 2009



I did the exact same thing several years ago with an avocado pit. Not fun and I still have some numbness on the side of my middle finger on that hand. Hope yours heals quickly! Impressive jack o'lantern!


Your pumpkin looks great! And eek, I'll now be more careful with avocados!


That is a truly ghoulish story. I think I'll choose extra squishy avocados from now on. Fabulous work on the pumpkin. Also ghoulish but not so bloody.


I like your pumpkin! Mine is more the size of a grapefruit! I am also glad there were no injuries! When I was a child we didn't have pumpkins here in Scotland so we used to carve turnips - can you imagine trying to carve a turnip - our mums must have had immense muscles to get through all that tough flesh!

Happy Halloween!


Fantastic pumpkin, but sorry about your trip to the emergency room. Ouch!


yikes!!! we take out our pits by 'karate chopping" the seed with the long edge of the knife. So the knife stays horizontal. The knife then gets lodged in the seed and you just twist and the seed becomes dislodged from the pit while staying lodged to the knife.
BTW: long ago when I first found your site and I was scoping out the archives, I saved your Christmas 2006 stuff and today I went looking thru it again for Christmas making inspriation...and I still love it. Thank you for sharing your creativity!! It's inspiring. :) Norma-USA.


love love love the pumpkin,
you did a fine job!!


great pumpkin!!


sounds so tragic! hope you're well healed by now.


The pumpkin looks great, and you should definitely be proud of your non-injurious self!

I posted pics from our halloween party today. :) Hope you enjoy them!


oh no!! hope you're hand has healed up now -thats a halloween to remember!!

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