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Wednesday, 17 June 2009



excellent cowl! bravo.
with 3 girls to care for, i'm impressed you manage to blog at all let alone knit. :)
but nice to 'see' you again.


Is that the sun I see in the shadows behind the girls? And hope that is a Cornish Clotted cream Icecream Gracie is eating . Yum ! Her hair is growing so much , miss them .
mum xxx


Hi Marianne!
Good to see you. It sounds like life in London is going well and the girls are enjoying it. I did receive your pages (and the fantastic candles) thank you so much, I was just hoping to thank you in the more traditional way before blogging/posting about it - but it seems rude to not at least let you know!


glad to see that it is all coming along
so well...
and i have to say
you have the most beautiful children...
they are truly adorable!


these pictures of your girls are sooooo cute...


I think it's the time of the year... there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

But, your cowl is gorgeous and your girls even more. You're right, it's definitively a half full glass!


Congrats on the good sleeping news. We're not there yet--though on a good night we get 5 or 6 or maybe even 8 hours in a row. You're smart not to focus on what you don't get done--that's even more exhausting!


I love the cowl you knitted, what a beautiful pattern and colour! I was just about to ask you how your girls are settling, so happy to hear they are doing well.


I bet those smiles light up your home! Beautiful, just beautiful. Good job mom!
your children look so happy... :)

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