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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm the total opposite now and never wear a watch - although I do normally have my mobile near me which has the time. My dad can always guess the time to within a few minutes if you asked him and I can often do it too. On the other hand I absolutely love clocks and would fill my house with them if I could so I am very interested to see what your project is going to turn into!

Lucy x

P.S. I have to confess that I am most often late for everything! But I don't know if that is because I don't wear a watch or because I always wait to the last possible minute before leaving!

Lily Bamboo

I never wear a watch. I do become annoyed when I'm at an airport and can't find a clock but otherwise I live happily not watching the time.


Time is a funny thing. It seems that it either moves too quickly or way too slowly. One nice thing about being at home most of the time lately is that I have learned to let go of time and to focus on the moment. Its not always that way, but I would say definitely more so. Love the clock drawings. :)


I used to be a time watcher too but had to change with my third pregnancy because my watch kept dying. Now my body clock tells me a lot and for other times you can generally find the time, say on the car clock, etc. Nice to hear that you are willing to have a go, it may even reduce your stress levels, which is important to do before they get so high you break down because then it is too late. Cherrie


I know what you mean!I am governed by watches and bells during my job but during school holidays I am often a rebel and don't wear a watch! Like your drawings


I'm totally the same, I think since my 1st boy, I never take it off (night feeds and I don't trust my alarm clock!)
One day, I will too...

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