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Saturday, 11 October 2008



heehee, i really know what its like with the piles of magazines..so hard to throw away!

a sweet collage for grace to look at. xx


Oh how I can sympathise! It's almost PAINFUL to have to part with magazines!!
If only I could create such a beautiful collage whilst being distracted!!!


I don't envy you... it must be so difficult having to sort through all your stuff!
The collage is lovely!


A couple years ago I did my own magazine sorting in just the same way. I usually forget I even have the folders of Useful Things, but they're there, right? ;) (And at least I don't have so many magazines anymore.)

I love the inchworm idea. It's adorable.


I love this collage. Lucky Grace. As cute as a button and an art collection to boot. Good luck with the packing. I also have Folders of Pages of Useful Stuff which is slowly growing into Boxes of Folders, and will become a Tower of Boxes unless I start spring cleaning.


thats very cool:)
uau! and i was missing your post... thinking you have already travelled:)


Adore the collage.


beautiful collage! you have such delicate but vivid style.

we used to sing that song in school...
i think i need to teach it to my little ones. :)

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