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Friday, 05 September 2008



Oh wow! That is big news. Good luck packing up over the next few months. I can imagine that it might seem a bit overwhelming, but just think about how close you will be to Europe. Does that help at all???


Big News indeed! We have some very good friends recently relocate to NZ from here (England)and apart from the obvious stress of packing and shipping all their stuff it has all gone well with all the children settling in to school and the Dad's job going well. I think it's been hardest on my friend (who was not working initially) as she didn't get to meet a new social circle straight away. It seems hardest for those who are left behind and not part of the big adventure. At least there's Skype! Good Luck with planning the move and Welcome to England! (When you finally get here!)

French Knots

The weather's a bit pants over here ( England) but it's not too bad :) It must seem like a huge task packing up your life and moving half a world away from everyone you love (apart from the ones coming with you but you know what I mean) Let me know if you would like any English magazines sending over to help you acclimatise and nibble a few extra bites.


oh i am sure you'll love it!
wonderful knitting!


oh wow, big move!

but you know... bloggers are not bad people on this side of the world... so say the word and we can organise a nice big welcome for you!


Welcome to Europe!
What an adventure for your whole family.
Good luck with packing!


I agree with Monica! SO many bloggers to meet! And so many places to travel - London being ideal for so many trips!!

I love the knitting, the red yarn is sublime!!


very big news indeed!
and i love the photos of your
i need to start knitting again.


Oh Marianne, I can only imagine how you are feeling. The packing and leaving part must be so difficult to grasp.

But, if you were going to move anywhere, London would have to be my pick! It is a year since we left for our holiday and I am missing it so much.

Thinking of you.
PS your knitting is superb!

Lyndie Parker

Dear Marianne,
it will be another fantastic adventure in your life! Just seems overwhelming now - but one day a time, makes lists, delegate and maybe tackle the creative piles first!!!
You have so much to look forward to and good support so you will be just fine !!!


Your news makes me both happy and sad, Marianne. I've only recently discovered your blog and have a keen interest in other bloggers from Sydney - but soon you'll be in London!

I'm also incredibly envious. Wish we had the courage to do the same, especially with three kids. Good luck with it all! I look forward to reading about your adventures there and living vicariously through you!


big move indeed. how wonderful to have this opportunity while the girls are so little...easier to move them about at this age before they get too attached to schools or friends. all my best to you!! i do hope you'll be able to continue posting...i'd love to follow you in your travels.


Yikes! That is a big change for you and your family! I'm sure it will become exciting soon enough but very difficult to leave even though two years goes so quickly. Good luck with all the adjustments and the packing and organising. Such beautiful knitting!


wow! what HUGE news this is.
just think of all the designer action! :)
[you must post pictures, though, you understand. for me. xx]


Been there, done that! We moved 3,000 miles (with 4 kids), supposedly for four years. Twelve years and 4 grown children later, we're still here! It is a difficult task to pack up and move--but doesn't everyone want to go to London?! Think of it as a long holiday! Best wishes!


Wow! Big news. You will have an amazing time. Not sure about the bare-bottomed under a tree thing though. I am originally from the UK and we rarely got weather suitable for that! Good luck!


wow! I can't even imagine. How exciting and scary all at the same time!

jim jam

Hey there Marianne - fantastical news!!!!
Having lived in London for the last ten years (moved away to the country last year) I can be awash with ideas of places for you to go at the drop of a hat...so let me know.

Where I'VE moved is an hour and a half by train and there's an illustration gallery here - SO we can look into getting a few of your beautiful characters shown???? (ps sent out all my stories last week - they're in the lap of the gods, or not even being read - can't decide which)

Take care, Jamie


What beautiful creations!! :D I can't wait to see the finished objects!!


What an amazing change that will be!! We're moving from Oklahoma to Texas - not nearly as big of a change as from Sydney to London, though. Congratulations on the move.... and ((((HUGS)))) - I know its never as easy as it sounds.


Ooooo London, that's very exciting! I hope the sad feelings don't linger for too long. I would happily stowaway in your luggage but I doubt there will be any room. I hope your girls are excited about the move. Maybe the little shutterbugs will snap a pic of some Cottingley fairies. I'll wish for some lovely, warm spring weather here in Sydney for you to enjoy before your trip.


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