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Monday, 18 August 2008



That is beautiful! I've taken to having things quilted after I finish the top - otherwise.... But the raggy ones - they are so much fun to make and finished when you're finished - what can be better?

Georgie Love

It's so gorgeous! You need to make those big-person sized too!


Beautiful job. I'm so glad Rose has a mum who can make such things for her. I'm sure she loves it.


Wow. It's lovely!


What a lovely quilt! I finished a rag quilt for my daughter some years ago, and she uses it all the time. I'd better get around to making one for my boy as well, the fabric has been waiting in a pile for several years...

Violet & Rose

Well done! It's beautiful!


the quilt is gorgeous! nice work : )


Beautiful! What a treasure for Rose.


So lovely! Good on you-I am sure it won't be your last!


Oh goodness! That's LOVELY!!!Where did you find how to do this? (please?)


It really is amazing! I can see why Rose is happy to snuggle up under it!


This is so beautiful and adorable, well done!


WOW!! Amazing when finished! I'm with Jenny, how exactly do you do this??


i love it!
congrats M!


Beautiful quilt. I love all those colours and textures.


You are unbelievable! It's gorgeous-the fabric mixes are perfect!!


Hi, How to you commect the back part to the front? I have always been confused with this step on creating a quilt. do you only bind it on the sides of sew the middle part to the backing as well. Thanks :) Great quilt


oops...I ment connect not commect

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