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Wednesday, 13 August 2008



That is so pretty!! I know your girls are going to adore it. Would you mind pointing me to one of the sites where you found the directions? Thanks! :)


Very pretty! I love that aqua spot fabric.


So you are finally making a quilt. I love your choice of fabrics. Beautiful!


What a great idea! Although, it is not one I have seen before. Which of your favorite blogs carries these instructions? It looks like it would be an easy (and maybe quick!) baby gift.


Re: Maybe I am just a biased grandma but who cares about a little cradlecap. She's soooo cute. But an interesting remedy your chinese grandma used was rendered pig fat. It cured all and everything , excema etc , and if cooked with peanuts it helped keep up the breast milk..... not. Tasted foul and poor Stuart with his excema smelt awful. So let it be and keep up with the warm olive oil.
Mum x

Violet & Rose

I think this is one of those times when you shouldn't listen to your Mum, with all due respect !!

Now, I did forget to mention the blisters, didn't I?

You can buy special snippers for doing raggy quilts - they cost about $60 - but are fantastic. I ended up with a pair of fiskars scissors (about 1/3 of the price) that have large handles that are very easy to handle, but tiny little scissors. Almost like embroidery scissors. These did the job really well. And weren't too bad to use.

It looks lovely, by the way.

Right, now, off to cook my rendered pig fat with peanuts .....


I think it's looking good! I can't wait to see them finished!!


Happy snipping! Lovely fabric choices-I'm sure your girls will love them!


how pretty...can't wait to see them all finished


i LOVE rag quilts and this one appears to be no exception to that rule! I cant wait to see it all frayed! :)

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