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Monday, 04 August 2008



Delurking to speak on the cradle cap. I was actually plagued with something similar well into my childhood. My doc's advice to my mom was a really diluted lemon juice and water rinse or cider vinegar and water rinse. Like a tsp of either with a cup of water. Worked like a charm. The solution was never strong enough to sting and sort of tasted like lemon water. If you are leary of a full out rinse, I bet you could rub it on with a soft cloth. No additional rinsing required. I'd love to know if you try it and if it works. There are also some organic oil rubs for cradle cap that work fairly well, but can leave the hair a bit greasy initially. Most of them have chamomile in them, so maybe a weak chamomile tea rinse would help too. Would be cheaper than the oils. ;-)


My youngest had cradle cap - I was advised to use coconut oil. It goes on quite thick and rubs in very greasily but I could then pick very easily!!! It also masked it a little so reduced those 'oh your baby has cradle cap' comments!!
Fabulous picture too - she really is cute as a button!!!


Oh my goodness! What a beautiful baby!

About cradle cap...I know that one of mine had it, but I don't remember what we did. (I have forgotten lots! lol!) But I'm thinking we just washed the scalp very gently with Johnson's baby shampoo-using a wash cloth and rubbing it in a circle motion to loosen everything up and off or whatever.


with mine i would work the oil in, let it sit for awhile, then gingerly comb out the flakes and gunk with one of those oh-so-fine baby combs. it takes forever but certainly not as long as the picking method. :) and really after one good combing, a very light appplication of oil kept it under control. (oh and this was 16 years ago before olive oil was THE thing to use, so i used baby oil. smells very nice.)


My son didn't have bad cradle cap, but what he did have we got rid of using the Aromababy shampoo...just massaging it into the scalp and rinsing out. It was the 'clean' way for me. I tried using olive oil a few times, but I didn't like it...too messy.


What a beautiful baby, she is totally gorgeous and I seriously doubt that with such a gorgeous face a wee bit of cradle cap will barely be noticed.

Nic Hohn

your neckwarmer and baby girl are both gorgeous!


Lovely scarf and that button is JUST RIGHT!!! What a beautful photo of baby Grace-it sure makes me smile!She is so beautiful.


I am still battling cradle cap issues with my biggest boy and he is 17!
The olive oil method is slow and time consuming but it does work best and is the safest for a little bub.
If she still has it once she is bigger then coal tar shampoo works a treat. It is stinky and horrible but does the trick. And even when it settles down stick to gentle organic shampoos.

She is just the most beautiful little pixie baby. I smile ever time you share a photo.


gorgeous, happy baby. truly sweet.


What a sweetie she is! My second and third had cradle cap for ages and I found the best thing was vaseline overnight - revolting but good and sticky. It makes it easier to get it off. Mind you my little one had it continuously until this year (she's two) and we realised a couple of months ago that she didn't have it any more. Sadly we think it was the two lice treatments she had to have that got rid of it!


she is adorable!

and i have no advice to offer
but just wanted to say
that cradle cap
is the reason my emma
had the nickname
"onionhead" for the first year
of her life...
{her first b'day cake read "happy
birthday, onionhead"}

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