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Friday, 25 July 2008



i never save anything for special occasions:)
ok, now i am full of envy i didn't go to hong kong:(


you're so right, you'll look stunning. And you had a great time, that's the most important thing. you will be hearing of me, soon.


Wow - what a great trip and what an amazing dress! Just fantastic! Glad that you had a great time!!


Oh yes, I would and could on the train! That's the beauty of breastfeeding, isn't it?

I love that dress... so very beautiful!


Chocolate fountain. You would be sure to win Mother of the Year with that!

What a wonderful trip. How many times have I wished I could feed my kids whilst travelling - handy.

Your dress is divine and you know you could pull it off in the school yard.


I was in Adelaide last September and was amazed that babies can travel in their mums arms in taxis. Not so in Sydney! Yet again I realised normal is just whatever you are used to!


And which hotel serves breakfast like that??? Please, I need to know for my next trip to HK....


Mmmm, that dress is just gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful time.


I looooove that dress. All those frills and ruffles and daisy chains. It definitely deserves to be worn as often as possible.


How lovely to spend time like that with a good friend in an exciting place. Grace is such a cutie-love the photos. That dress is to die for and should definitely be worn as often as possible!


How wonderful that you managed a trip to Hong Kong, any touristy photos to come? Loving the dress you bought, gorgeous! (go and be stylish lady)


well if you do get one for breakfast... I'll come around .... wearing my best dress too!


just like Cyprus...all bubs are in their parents arms in cars...we had to bring our own baby car seat when we were there 2yrs ago!! even on mopeds(!!) they carry them in their laps! ..scary for us cautious people!!
Baby Grace is just super sweet...awwww...


All I can say is WOW! Hong Kong! Beautiful baby Grace pictures and time with friends... THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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