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Thursday, 31 July 2008



if I give Rose the money for her tooth, do you think she'll give me that cute shirt with the love heart buttons? I just love it!

Violet & Rose

OMG. Please tell me that is paint!

I hope the tooth fairy leaves something special for that first tooth. Apparantly, your first tooth is worth double. Or that's the word on the street.

Gorgeous photo.

Clare in Leeds

She looks like she's overdosed on strawberries!

Or she's a very cute vampire! Mind you both her little sisters look very nibbleable (is that a real word?).


I don't remember losing teeth being such a bloody ordeal when I was little. But each tooth my daughter has lost so far has been quite bloody like Rose's. Once I had to quickly fish a tooth of her's out of a pile of blood in the sink before it went down the drain. My daughter is usually kind of squeamish about blood too, but like Rose the blood from losing teeth didn't seem to bother her. She was much too excited to think about it.


My goodness, that isn't really blood, is it?
Love that photo of you and the girls!


How long can they go on hanging by a thread? My Juliette has one just sitting and not wanting to come out. I am not going to show her this photo as she will never let me near it again!!


Oh my gosh...timely post...you will have to link over to my blog about my seven year old and losing her teeth/tooth. She had that top one hanging for daaaaaaaaays, and it would poke out of her lips when she closed her mouth...which of course resulted in her being called "Nanny McPhee" for a few days! lol!

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