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Wednesday, 02 July 2008



absolutely beautiful. will you post a picture of your little G wearing it when it's finished? i think i'm in love with her!
hope you and your lovely family are al wel and keeping warm.


Looks fabulous!


simply gorgeous! and it looks so comfy :)


I so wish I could knit!! This looks so cozy and soft~

Thanks for the postcard love. I appreciate you commenting. :)


Marianne you are so talented! I love your small people collages and plan to check out your website more throughly later. I made my own "Doris." Check it out. I drew the little girl, then cut out the individual pieces. It was lots of fun.


I forgot my website...sorry!


Lovely wrap - that wool looks so soft!


What a beautiful knit, look so comfortable!


this is looking wonderful. :)

Ellie Schoffelmeer

I came across the photo of the cache coeur and loved it. Have joined Ravelry and now cannot find the pattern that you used. Could you give me some directions please? New to all things computing and Ravelry in particular.

My email is ellie.s@ihug.co.nz just in case you can attach the pattern (that would be SO easy) Still we have to learn these things don't we.

An untechnical 58 yr old.


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