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Thursday, 21 February 2008



Marianne, you already make wonderful books, and i still keep the one you gave me as a treasure... so i guess now they'll look better???? Impossibe:)


What a special blanket and so well made and lovely. Good luck with your book making though you could probably write your own book on how to make them!


It must be your lucky week. There is another little package in the mail.


It's a lovely gift, very pretty.


ooo - i want to see more of that book! good one?


I love Di's blankets. They're so creative! You're lucky to get one.


Di's blankets are SO sweet - I especially love the piece she mailed you - so so so sweet!


ah! So this is where the blanket went. Fancy finding this by accident linking from another scottish lady's blog... maybe that's the key?

Congratulations - it is very cute.


dumbass that I am I have just realised why I recognised your blog!!!!!!!

Nic Hohn

I am feeling inspired to create an artist book, and wondering if you can recommend any good ones? How are you finding Esther's information?

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