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Saturday, 05 January 2008



I'd love to have it for the apron article, if nothing else. BUT, I'd love to have it for everything else too.


I'd love to have one if you wouldn't mind to send it across the waters. I do love a good craft book.I can get a few here but I get a bit frustrated trying to figure out the instructions.Enjoy all that singing and dancing!!


I'll add the little bit I left out. Sorry. The instructions are in french that's why it is frustrating!!


Wow congrats to you, that is very exciting!


Congratulations! I'd love to have it!


You have every right to be thrilled. I love your small people. So excited for you. I love that this recognition will bring other people to your art. Congratulations.


You have every right to be thrilled. I love your small people. So excited for you. I love that this recognition will bring other people to your art. Congratulations.


Excellent. that's great. would love to 'peruse' an issue...


Congratulations Arlene!! Good for you, I have been admiring your work fro many many months as I was really only introduced to the mixed media / collage medium through your and others wonderful blogs! I would love to receive an issue as it is not something I have ever seen here in Cyprus.

Hope you enjoyed the "hi-5" circus my youngest son Tristan used to love watching taped shows my mother sent over from the UK

All the best


Violet & Rose

Ooh Hi-5 circus! Roll up, roll up! Hope you have fun!
Congratulations, you cover girl you! Well done.
Bet the girls are proud of their Mum :)


Congratulations! How exciting to be in a magazine and even more exciting to be on the cover! Enjoy the circus!!


Congrats my friend!


Congratulations! I love your Small People series!


How exciting is that??????
Your small people are just right for the magazine!


Congratulations! Your small people rocks.


congratulations, this is truly deserved, these small people are so nice.
If this magazine could cross the ocean I would like to have one.


I always knew your small people were so special and you well deserve the recognition that this magazine will give you-WELL DONE! How exciting for you:)


Seeing your own work in print in SO gratifying! We like our own work, but how affirming it is to know that other people do too! Congratulations!


Congratulations for making the cover! How exciting for you!


Wow! Tres cool!


Congratulations! x


Congrats that's fab! And if you don't mind sending it to the US if I win - I'd love to win. lol.
I love this mag (well, I've only seen one issue but love it!) - it's hard to find here in the small town rural area midwest.
Thanks for offering it up!



I would love to have it as well! specially because I can't find it here. Would be great to be able to have a look at before subscribing :)


Oh good for you!! Congratulations~ I know I love my postcards of your wonderful collages. :)


Congratulations -- how thrilling that must be! Summer holidays sound yummy -- it has to wait for June in the U.S.!


hey. just saw this (been on holidays). congratulations. :)


hey congrats on the mag!!! im going to look out for it - i know my local newsagency stock it every now & then!!


I already have the issue so don't need to be in on the drawing but I loved your article and found you while doing a search on google and wanted to thank you for the article. Very clever. Hugz, Scary

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