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Wednesday, 28 November 2007



I recently started collecting used stamps and other material for collages. I was inspired by your SmallPeople. :) So throw my name in the hat -- I'd love to boost my fledging collection.


Thanks for explaining the method. And I adore your prints - the fish one is especially stunning and I can imagine it in a number of different colours including a bright red :-)


Ooo - they sound like a treat! Please count me in ;-)


Thanks to your Old Paper Packs, I can't get enough paper and have started collaging in every spare minute I have. And it's my birthday :)


LOVE old stamps .......
and love your blog!! x

Jamie V

I love using old stamps... and the solar plate print is something I'd like to try! Thanks for the info! Jamie V


Damp the stamp and tamp it down.
On a lamp, on a ramp, or even on your brother's amp.


:) how lovely!


Your prints are lovely! They will make for beautiful Christmas presents. No need to put me in the stamp draw. I have a box full of neglected stamps and matchbox labels waiting to be used.


marianne- i am in love with these prints- how clever are you? the grey is my favourite, too- thank you for explaining the process for us- i am off to read more!


I am always in awe of your beautiful work!


These are just beautiful Marianne!! You talents are endless. The top one is my favourite too. xxx


looks like fun, I really like the prints!


The prints look great and the making sounds so interesting! I would love to try something like that.
I've had a real thing for grey for the last about 12 months, and I don't see that changing any time soon!
Count me in for the lovely stamps :)


Marianne, those are wonderful and thanks for the detailed description!!


Your prints are beautiful! I have heard of solar plate prints, would love to give it a go one day.


i somehow missed this post - what an interesting process....
did you do a class?

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