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Tuesday, 14 August 2007



Hmm - I think I would still find the papered canvas daunting - but that's just me! I am sure that the art stall at the school fair will go well!


Beautiful... :)


What a great idea, can't wait to see what you paint on it! And I just love that little pigeon painting, hope you raise lots of money at the fair :)


Gorgeous little paintings. I especially love the snowy white owl...or is it a ghost with pointy ears? If only I could whip up such beautiful things for fun but it would stress me out just trying to choose a colour for the background.


I love the bird on red, just beautiful.


They are lovely. I am sure your daughter's school will raise lots of money with items like that for sale.Schools LOVE mums like you!


Love them! So much I might bring the kids to your school fair and buy one, or three! When and where?!


love the new canvas...great idea.
very pretty bird.


now then - that last image has me intrigued - I have L-O-T-S of discarded books of all sorts - and am always looking of new ways to use them - this looks so interesting - I hope you post a bit more about it - and how/where it will eventually end up????


I think I know what you mean about the covered canvas being less daunting, good luck with your piece. The smaller pieces are adorable!

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