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Monday, 09 July 2007



You just wanted an excuse to wear your dress didn't you? Hope you enjoyed it.

Violet & Rose

If you are going to be late, do it in style!




I can't wait to receive your journal!! Mine is really boring - I just bought a Moleskine Sketch book - hopefully it won't cost too much to post! I must admit to only buying it today so have a few days of July to catch up on!!! I am not sure how to start having never kept a "creative" journal before!!


hello there, i randomly found your blog when i was supposed to be working. all this creativity and lust for japanese craft books has propelled me out of a serious malaise. thank you!


I just checke Ushi's blog, man I wish I'd known about this before!!!


looks like a fun project.
look forward to seeing how it develops.


This book is stunning...i would love to be able to make this!


Ooh...this travelling journal is going to be great!


the Barber of Seville sounds wonderful!
as does the journal - love hardcover thick bound old books!!!


I can't wait!

(Di: I love moleskines as well!)

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