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Friday, 22 June 2007


Belinda Kwan

Sounds like a fantastic trip! I would love to be in Melbourne now....
How was Paris, je T'aime? My DH and I would love to see it.
When you get a chance, can you let me know what you have in stock of the wool pretty please..... I haven't decided what I would like to make yet.... Thanks


Wow, what an amazing find! Those books look beautiful, wish i could visit that place!


I wish i could go over to australia and meet some bloggers myself!



Only you would find those books - and what a find. I cant wait to see them appear throughout your little creations featured in your blog.


those japanese papers - wow, what a find! collage is my first thought, or decoupage maybe? lucky girl!

Violet & Rose

The feeling is very much likewise. And you neglected to mention that the apron was a swap for the wonderful labels that you make for me!

tash at poppyseeds

Marianne-Alice, I LOVED Paris, je T'aime, especially the little part about the American woman with her newly learnt French talking in the first person about her trip to Paris. For some reason that one stuck in my memory. I went to see 'I Do' another French film last night and i laughed so much - it was Great!


awww you met Jo - lucky you!! she seems like so much fun!!
That Japanese place looks amazing! how did you discover that? those vintage journals look so beautiful!


those books are beautiful!!! i love that photo.

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