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Monday, 30 April 2007



i love your unending energy and creativity with your smallpeople. i will NEVER tire of these :) xx


Oh my!...
How beautiful is that!?


This has to be my favorite! I studied geography at university and I love maps and atlases and globes! I love it!!!


This is one of my favorites.
Love maps and globes, also love to travel.
I actually....would LOVE to visit Austraila:) These are still most awesome to me, I really hope you do not stop at 30.


Love the globe!Truly inspiring!


ohhh i love this one so much.

Tina Vaziri

Lovely collage, great delicate application!

Eugenia Gina

hmmm, I would like to visit South Africa, is that in your list too? nice collage.. like it!

Tracy Cundiff

I like this a lot! Who knows what he will discover while he's there? :)

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