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Saturday, 28 April 2007



love my small people cards.


Amazed once again!
I love her big shoes:)
Really looking forward to seeing the entire collection, and if they are all for sale...you have a buyer!!! I love them and I know my kids would love them!
Have you thought about doing commissioned work for people who have kids? Just curious, cause that would ROCK!!!
Take care of you:)


I just adore her:)
lovely - have an exposition at the end... You are so talented:) Go girl go!


Only 2 more? I'm already starting to miss them. Your smallpeople bring me a smile every day you post them!


Are there really only 2 more..... I love the small people and the comments that go with them - it makes me giggle just to read it... I love the thought of clean hankies and love her dress from Norway! I am hoping to go there in June!!


I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! i'm just seeing it for the first time, but am going to add it to my link list! awesome stuff!

Alicia Padrón

This is very cute! Great idea :o)


smashing piece of work. i really like your style. what a refreshing change ....


this is way cool!!!! love it!

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