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Sunday, 01 April 2007


Violet & Rose

Great news on the new old paper! Well done!


That's great news that you are so busy...and what a great excuse to hit the shops! Love this photo, makes me wonder who they were and what they were so beautifully dressed for.


:) I am like you... somethings i "hide" and keep for myself. And that photo is great:D



oh, that photo is amazing. i wonder what they those girls were dressed up for? I can see why you had to keep that one in a special stack for you.
congratulations on being so busy with the old paper packs. i'm not surprised- i think they're wonderful. x


great news...i dont know how people stay away from your packs!! Wish i could join you in the op-shops!!


just had a little browse around your shop - great product ideas and what cute packaging! nice!



congratulations for your web,its very interesting.

Excuse me for my bad english,i hope you can understand me.

I live in Valencia (Spain) and the typical dress here is very similar like these(fallera dress),but not the hair (here its like Leia Princes in star Wars),for this Im not sure.
In the 1920´s in Europe,people like very much the oriental things,and its possible to the dress have oriental simbols.

i found these in google:
-Fabric of valencian dress/fallera dress

-fabric of valencian dress

its an example.

or you can search vestidos de fallera in google or flickr((http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=fallera))

or you can see me in my flickr site hwen i was a small girl-

i hope i can help you and joy for our folflore!!!

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