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Sunday, 29 April 2007


Belinda Kwan

The hat looks fantastic! I think I will have to work out how to make one like that in my size - in coconut ice.....too much????


beautiful hat... lucky girl!
and i too have been coveting some of your gorgeous wool. it's so cool that you're selling it through your site.

The first picture with rose's fairy bed brought back a rush of childhood memories... i used to make them in walnut shells, and make tiny bedding sets from mum's fabric scraps.

Sall y Kelton

what a gorgeous hat and even prettier picture of Charly. would make an ideal Mothers Day present :) but I am slightly biased.

tash at poppyseeds

can you please tell rose that i think her fairy bed is sure to make lots of fairies feel like coming to have a sleep over, she might want to have some little cakes and cups of tea ready for them maybe .....

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