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Wednesday, 07 March 2007



So many lovely colages:)


Reminds me of my current favourite children's book, Lauren Childs, 'The Princess and the Pea". Even the collage style.


The small people just get better - Ethel has great fashion sense (I love her 'layered look').


she's got some attitude!! :) love it.


She made me smile...I hated peas when I was younger and they were always the last thing left on my plate! Gorgeous card!


haha thats my little niece...such a fussy eater! they are adorable...any boys coming up?


i love her expression.
so cute.


reminds me of the afternoon my girls got in a pea fight at dinner...

Diane Duda

small people do know just what they like...and hate! good for you ethel! stick to your guns!

Diane Duda

small people do know just what they like...and hate! good for you ethel! stick to your guns!


Oh, she's sooooo cute!!!

Michelle Lana

Lovely textures!


Wonderful collage. Nicely done.


very nice illo!

Pati @-;--

So sweet!


I love her music hair. great concept for the theme.

Andrew Thornton

An interesting combination of papers. I like the fact that there are "residues" of their former states of being. Like the music notes in the hair. Really very cool.

I used to hate peas too! I think that's because as a kid, I only had them out of a can and straight up. But as an adult, I know how tasty peas can be when fresh peas are quickly blanched, rolled in a lemon-garlic butter sauce, and sprinkled with bits of crispy bacon. Yum!


Great picture, love the different textures.


My favorite parts of this piece are her shoes and the peas. I don't know if the library cards are part of a bigger project, but I like the idea very much.

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