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Monday, 15 January 2007


Tiel S-K

i love the wobbily look. they really are lovely. And I have spied those bookmarks before and had a good oooohhhh and ahhhhh over them.


the bowls are cool
and i adore the bookmarks...
so natural and earthy and calm


The bowls are great and I love those bookmarks too....lovely!


Bookmarks, yes! Bookmarks...love them.


Bookmarks, yes! Bookmarks...love them.


all your talk of long days of summer make me long for that time again. we are about four inches deep in snow right now. it too is fun but the sun is so great.

love the inspiration you have right now. the bookmarks are great.

{it has been some time since i have checked in on blogs, looking forward to reading up on things you have been doing}


Uau! Love the bag and the bookmarks are great!

big hug from Portugal!



These all look lovely, great job. Makes me anxious to sew again.


I like the embroidery on the bowls and that gift from Julie is just gorgeous, off to look at more of her stuff now!!!


I've got this book too! It's one of my favorite craft book.

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