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Wednesday, 24 January 2007



Um, I think you pull the cord thingy and wear shoes. I have a phobia about lawn mowers and open toe shoes, or worse still, no shoes. Have fun.


Good luck with that lawnmowing. I just came across your blog btw, and I'm very glad I did


I used the weedwacker last year to do my front and back lawn..due to some weird fear/aversion (?) to the lawn mower. My neighbors thought I was crazy, but it worked!


Um, stay away from the pointy end? No, seriously...is it a push mower? I was really happy when I had my first place on my own and it had a lawn. Make sure you're grabbing the spring-loaded bar on the handle while you're pulling the starter rope thingy, and off you go! good luck, please don't hurt yourself.

stephanie s

set it to the longest (highest) cut first. that might mean you have to lower the blade for a second cut but it will make it easier. and, for heaven's sake, if you enjoy it, don't tell anyone, or you will be out there next week, and the week after, and the week after....


wow has 5 weeks nearly passed...was going to write you an email to see how youre doing!! Im so with you on the cockroaches!!! xxx


" i am a woman,hear me roar! Beautiful!!!!
You make me smile, and i needed that today!


great post marianne. i was just thinking about you yesterday, after hearing a nasty report on the radio about snakes and spiders in australia, you must be very brave. good luck with lawn-mowing, i'm afraid i don't have any tips for you!


Umm, just be careful?! please?! I'm going to sort out my lawn today too, but with a whippersnipper and i've done it many times before although that was in the UK. My husband has no idea how to do the lawn, he is a DIY/garden maintenance dummy, maybe i should get him one of those books, Gardening and DIY for Dummies.


HI there,
I have just come across your blog this morning and love it. I hope I am not too late with you and your lawn mowing but just wear some long daggy socks or jeans because I too a largish chunk out of my shin last year now wearing socks or jeans.
Apart from that it's actually quite fun and good exercise!
All the best. k xo


I like mowing the lawn - it's lots of fun. Just remember to wear closed in shoes.

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