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Sunday, 10 December 2006


Tiel S-K

this is one of the best crocheted flowers I have seen. those photos are lovely.


Marianne, I am totally with you about this flower and the whole book. I got so excited when I flipped through the book, it's gorgeous. That simple blanket is stunning. I could have bought the book only for the photo of it. The flower...! And also the rest - a great book. Congrats on this find!


I totally get you had to buy the book, JUST because of the flower - it's awesome! Love your color choice ;o)


you do have a thing for flowers, don't you? i was going to tell you about the million flower scarf, but hey, that was YOU!!!


Well, first I would make the bag, then the skirt, and then ....

Looking forward to seeing lots of sunny happy flowers.


OMG, I have been looking everywhere for a very similar japanese crochet book and can't find them online at all. Does the store you bought this from happen to have an online storefront?

Deborah Hoffman

I LOVE these flowers, especially the black and white ones you sewed onto your grey skirt. I'm having trouble finding the name of the book you're referencing--forgive me for not being able to find it on your blog! Would you mind terribly passing along the name of it? Thank you SO much!


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