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Saturday, 02 December 2006



so pretty- thanks for yet more great instructions on crocheting these flowers.
I am really determined to learn how soon!


Thanks so much for the detailed instructions on this. I just tried it out in white and red and put it on the front of red cardstock as a Christmas card. Looks great! Thanks again!

Ginette Rainville

Looked many hours lately to find the right flower to crochet to add to a "grigri" I am planning to make. Your instructions are so tempting and colorful that I finally decided to try your suggestion. Your pattern is easy and wonderful - I even crocheted a thirs layer. Thank you so much for your great tutorial and the inspiration.


Just wanted to say thanks! Have been trying to "reteach" myself to crochet flowers and finally found your tutorial which made sense! I love them, they are perfect for hair clips. I have referenced your blog in mine but don't know how your track back thing works.


Hi, Thanks a lot for the nice tutorial it's simple and organized.

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