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Friday, 01 December 2006



Oh, Marianne, that's really tempting. That granny cardigan has style... my style??? Had to work on my make up, that's for sure ;-)

Thanks for that recipe, I'll try tomorrow, have pumpkin and ginger at home but never ate them together!

Good luck for solving that bikini/mitts problem... beautiful mitts indeed!

Tiel S-K

yum, I love pumpkin soup anytime of the year. My husband doesn't like it so much and he is away for a few days...so guess what I am making tomorrow?? I have used ginger and coriander before and it tastes sooo good.


Amy B

I would love the pattern for that little pink dress.

[email protected]


Janet Hook

Hi, I love your blog thanks for sharing inspirational ideas. I also love vintage patterns for both sewing and knitting. Would you consider to share the pattern for the pink crochet coat with me? I would love to try that one in black, I agree it would look great with jeans and ballet slippers.
By the way, I think you are quite interested in Japanese items? Why not have a look at www.ichiroya.com, they are an online store selling vintage kimono etc. I buy vintage fabric from them for sewing....
My email is [email protected]

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