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Thursday, 26 October 2006



Looks great! I spent half an hour last night searching for a 5mm crochet hook and was swearing at myself the while time I had to make one of these soon!


What a beautiful roll - it is so sweet. I have just realised I need one. : )

[Also - I sympathise with the bleeding onto work problem. It is a major nuisance!]


That's really nice! I didn't see any blood stains. Don't worry though, y ou are not the only one who sticks herself countless times while sewing. I do all the time!


The crochet hooks roll is lovely and a great organizing tool. I constantly stick myself with pins and, just yesterday, began contemplating the potentiality of incurring blood poisoning or something if this keeps up.


oh so pretty
can't get much better than that!
the colors are perfect, too!


Oh, darn it, you just made me want to add yet another amazingly inspired project to my {to do} list. Lovely scallops!


OH great crochet hook holder! I dont' have the patience to sew something with THAT many seams ;) but i'll dream about it intsead!

claire falkingham

Looks beautiful (and useful! ) I have a girlfriend who has problems cutting fabric -specially vintage!


I like to call it "suffering for my art". Or something to that effect.

It's a lovely hook holder, and I swear I cannot see any blood stains.


love it. i have made something like this for knitting needles they are quite handy.

Mr. Me

My solution to not losing needles:

The Snowman head

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