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Saturday, 23 September 2006



Your dolls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and so are your paper packs!!)
Thank you very much for your warm wishes Marianne. xxx


Too cute, the dolls! And I LOVE paper!! Your prices are good! I may have to order something from you! Do you do paypal??


Marianne, your dolls are SO lovely. The faces, the clothes, the hair.... all done with love for the detail and your fabulous merino felt. They must feel amazing. And every of them comes with a little drawstring bag. Such a nice idea! LOVE your tags.


the dolls are wonderful!
i love them...
the expressions,
the outfits,
and the typewritten tags
are an excellent addition...
perfect touch!

Tiel S-K

I love that little flap skirt..very trendy. Hope you do well with the comp. Such big effort.

is it easy to felt old jumpers??


Thanks for the kind words on my rag rug...and I love your tags. *mental note* look for an old typewriter next time Im thrifting. Love it!


It is always such a thrill for me when I come across a cloth doll blog.
Your dolls are absolutely wonderful! Are they made from felt?

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