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Wednesday, 27 September 2006



Oh Marianne, that is so sweet!! What a great idea!!!!!


I love it! Great idea.


This is fabulous. I think I'll try this myself as little poems in a matchbox would make wonderful Christmas stocking gifts. Oh, I really love this idea!

stephanie s

fantastic! i have been thinking about little matchbox treasures for a while now... yours is simply wonderful.


This. is. beautiful.


Lovely idea!


Wow, what a great idea.


beautiful idea Marianne, and I love the poem too.

kirsty Campion

My girls would love to do a project like that. Might be a good holiday activity.
Looking forward to seeing your gear at Morphe I'm heading over for opening night, very excited!!


What a brilliant idea! And so beautifully executed. Love the poem too :-)

Tiel S-K

that is lovely, I love artist's books. The illustrations are very sweet.


Beautiful poem, beautiful box, beautifully put together. I agree with the Christmas stocking idea. A definite "appleseed" product!


That is lovely, I'm doing this swap too but what I sent is not as nearly as creative. Well done!


amazing! i used to do something like this with the kids in my class.

i love your new image on your sidebar. i need to do some reworking of my blog page some day soon....


now this i love...
even the concept,
a poem in a box...
great job!
i love it!


Your work is so inspiring. Thanks!

james davies

Marianne - have you seen my project?


bet they take agaes to make hey.

James Davies


This is beautiful, have you made anymore at all?

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