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Wednesday, 09 August 2006



I think you could cut it up, as you said, then it's going to good homes. It's so sad to think someone's family doesn't understand the wonderful gift they had, but who knows? Kind of like the old photos you find in antique stores...they are somebody's relations, but who knows who they are now?


I think I would cut it up too, give it a second life! What an amazing find though... and so pleased you liked the yo-yos- you're right, definitely no heart foundation tick there, but good occasionally, right?
I've put a baby into the bath with clothes on, too. I think it was a pair of socks he still had on.


that scrapbook is indeed
an amazing find
and a hard call to make
on whether to cut or not to cut...
but like you said,
its not like it would
be going to waste if you did
cut it...
it will just be transformed.

and too funny about the nappy/sock bit


I'm way too sentimental to deal with cutting up someone's scrap book like that. But your reasons are good and I probably wouldn't think twice about it if the first time I saw it was in one of your packs...


Pleeeeaaaasse, don't cut it! Love it, like they did. And re-live their fantastic and exciting trip for them, wherever they may be now.
I had to laugh at the bath thing. Done that one myself. And I love how they just look at you like you've lost your mind.
And the yo-yo. If we go out for babychino's, my girls always have a yo-yo and because they are so big, they never finish them. So I wrap them in napkins to bring home for "Ron" (later on). But do they ever make it out of my bag? No. And do I ever get all those crumbs out? Good luck for Friday!


Wow, what a find - so much treasure!!! I wouldnt cut up the book..couldnt..it takes me long enough to cut up a piece of beautiful wallpaper, never mind someones life!!!
The books look great too!


Woweeee what fun to go through your auction win!!! How exciting!!

If it was me I'd keep the scrapbook as is and use it as reference (scan/photocopy?).....but then that's coming from someone who has trouble cutting into ANYTHING :-)


wow! that stuff is awesome!!!

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