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Friday, 04 August 2006



Those slippers look so cozy, the stools are such a smart idea for a new look (ala slipcover) and a little shock absorber, love the cover, love the girl (that's actually about my natural hair color - but don't tell anybody), those last three images, to die for! Love them - so cute!

Tiel S-K

i love those boot slippers! very cute.


I love all teh ideas here - including dyeing your hair flamin' red!
Have a great weekend Marianne xx


Those japanese craft books are indecently cute! I love her glasses!


oh all of your books are so great. you are making me want to go the bookstore right now to buy some. it is truly one of the only things i could do right now that is craft related and feel like i am making progress. i would have to say that during this making interim i have been able to sketch up quite a few ideas and that does feel good.

best of luck on the quilting, it is a lot of fun but i am not so much into super complex patterns.


lots of inspiring visuals here..
loving it!
i need to find some of those books
someday...heh heh...
but for now, i'm happy
seeing what others will share


Oh lordy - that picture with the girl! Everything about it is so perfect. Yum.

I haven't found anywhere to get these great Japanese books I keep seeing on the internet in New Zealand yet - thank goodness for intrepid bloggers like yourself!

(BTW - have you read the 'Stitch and Bitch Happy Hookers' book - and do you rate it? I saw it at the bookshop yesterday and couldn't decide whether to invest the $40 or not...)


I keep seeing patchwork everwhere I look. Have you seen Adorn Magazine yet? Im definitely going to have to do SOMETHING, just not sure what yet?!?! Great photo of the garden girl!!


Commenting on yet another old post (I have been reading much of your archives!)! Can you tell in the book if those stool covers are padded or just there to add colour more than cushion? I have been dreaming of making some in cotton for the summer, but was hoping to make them with a bit of padding. Hrm...

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