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Tuesday, 08 August 2006



what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. the girls look like they enjoyed themselves quite a bit.

your dolls look so good. i love the red hair... are you sure you are not going to dye your hair red.

as for your blog it looks wonderful are you planning on switching soon or are you going to have two?


Well done you! It's looking fantastic! And your parcel went today.


Appleseed looks fantastic! I can't wait to see what you have on Friday.
I also love the pics taken down at Fairlight. I used to live at the top of Woods Parade, and we often used to go down there in winter to spend a day at our own private beach. It looks like you had a ball!


lovely beach pics! I love the beach in winter, especially when you can have it all to yourself.
and appleseed looks very cool, I'll be visiting on Friday for sure.


heehee about the
"if i'm cold, then she wears a jumper"
i am so much the same way
(and i am almost always cold)

and the toys look great
but i really wanted to say
i LOVE the dishcloth....
was that a pattern of your own?
so pretty!


I love Fairlight beach, I grew up near there. Love the washcloth, very beautiful and so simple.


love the wash cloth. where did you get the organic cotton?

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