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Tuesday, 04 July 2006



Yes, I meant to say congratulations on the Morphe thing - well done. The calendar, I have some questions. I am guessing everyone's will be the same size? Paper or fabric? Yes, what the heck, go on, count me in. I'm a sucker.


Congrats on getting your space for MorpheII. I love the calander idea, you can count me in.


Oh, so I'm not sure exactly how MorpheII works, but I think you get to have your stuffed animals submitted there? If so, that is really neat. Congratulations! Also, I think your calendar idea is a really great obe. I would like to play. :0) Count me in.


Hi! I know we've only just met recently, but I would love to get in on the calendar if there's still space!


I'd love to be involved :) Great idea


Id love to take part of the calendar challenge - sounds like a great idea!


Congratulations on being accepted into Morph II! The calendar sounds like a great idea, my hands up if there's still some space?


The calendar idea is great. Emailing you...


Me, me, me definately!

Miss Twiss

I'm going to have to watch this event, in awe and in envy. I'm certain lovely months will come of this project!


Me helping you out with a pattern?
Meaning: Alex is counting rows and stitches and telling Marianne how many she could identify... ;-)


What a wonderful calendar idea! If you are still needing people, count me in! Ideas are swirling around...


what a fantastic idea... I wish I had read this in time to join in too... I really look forward to seeing what you create! Congratulations on the Morphe 2 acceptance- have fun!


ok girl i will do it. it sounds wonderful!

simple me

I suppose it's too late for me to join in?
I only came across your site today via Julie ("handmaid" blog) and thought this would be a great idea for me to start putting some oil in my rusty creative hinges.
please let me know
paula :)

Tiel S-K

Hello, just discovered your blog today. If it isn't too late I would love to be involved. Let me know if you still need someone.


Majeak Ann

this is fantastico thank you!!
-Marjorie Ann


what a fun project...i'm sorry to have missed out on this one. is there one place to view all the pages?


I Love you girls





If it not to late I would love to be in this as well. Please let me know.


I just spied this post. If you are in need of the 12th person, I would love to join. If not, I will just watch you all post your wonderful months and live vicariously through them!


Kinda nicely written actually. :)

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