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Thursday, 27 July 2006



How old are Rose and Charlie? They are gorgeous!! Shelly also has a lisp.


Your girls are gorgeous! [And buses are a very interesting creatures too - they have mighty horns to honk.]

I love your barkcloth - what sort of a bag are you thinking about?


With a girly who looks that amazing in a beret like she does...must have an artsy/crafty party! They are both adorable and I couldnt have resisted the leaves either! Great find!


beautiful, beautiful girls. That barkcloth is lovely, too! Good luck witht he party planning.

Tiel S-K

Very cute girls. Good luck with the whole party thing. Ari is in Kindy and turns 4 in October. I am dreading it. Who do you invite without offending anyone? They just get to a certain age and they know how it all works..invites, themes etc. My brother's wedding is on the same day as his birthday....so we are running away to Canberra..good excuse not to have a big party!


Beautiful photos! You gave me smiles.


look at the eyes on both of them...
big and brown and beautiful...
they are two cuties for sure!

good luck with the birthday planning...
i should be doing some of that myself
since i have a-soon-to-be-eleven year old
in about 2 weeks...

i work better under pressure.

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