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Tuesday, 27 June 2006



Thank you Marianne for your lovely comments!! You are so generous..i cant wait to see the paper. You also sent Alex some AMAZING felt!! Your little applehead is gorgeous! and those cards...I want to do a postcard swap too. When you take part in another one, let me know too!


glad you had a fantastic time :) I hope we can catch up next time?
Hey by the way, we were walking to playgroup on Monday and we LOST the cupcake beanie I AM SOOOO SAD....... :(


Sorry we didn't get to meet up this time. Looks like you had a wonderful time though. I walked by Chapel Street bazarre on Friday and i wondered if i'd see you. I must go in there again one day when i'm kid free.


thats funny...
my oldest
had a bad case of cradle cap
that earned her the nickname
cause it seemed like her head
was always peeling...
we even had
"happy birthday onionhead"
written on her first b'day cake
my second?
i don't even have to explain why.


oh how fun was that trip for you! it looks like you had a wonderful time i would love to get away like that sometime soon.

the postcards look wonderful, the paper does work well with that. i am happy it got put to good use.

take care


My package arrived today, I have one of the apples!! YAY! Aand wool, and beautiful fabric and and and...I will post on my blog tonight. THANK YOU.


I got mine yesterday. I loved the way you attached the postcard to protect it. Now to decide how to display them all.
Have a beautiful day.

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