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Thursday, 15 June 2006



Alanis Morissette's version of King of Pain. For when you've pricked you finger entirely too many times that day while sewing, etc.


I have no music to add but wanted to comment on the lovely package you sent out. The frog is just too cute.

Also what a nice idea...the "just because" package.


this is my first time here
and i wanted to say
that i love the list of songs
and the fact that you keep
lists of songs
and that the criteria of your list
is based on such cool-ness
as "most tragic"

a girl after my own heart
glad to have found you


Oh I am a big mixed tape fan. Infact I still make CD compilations and send them with some lucky swappers. Im sure my music isnt everyones taste but not my problem!! But compiling 12 favourite songs...thats abit hard to think of...


Oh, music,music,music. I have become tragically hooked on Split Enz again and "I hope I never" is probably my all time favourite. With lyrics about going to a new place where the people are nice, wow. My other favourite is "Stuff n'Nonsense". If you are into dark, tragic yet somewhat funky music, check out Bic Runga. Two CD's - "Drive" and "Beautiful Collision", my favourite of the two. She has a new CD out, but I haven't heard it yet.
She is just gorgeous and her music is beautiful.
My best CD ever is Counting Crows "August and Everything After".
You should ask everyone to tell the CD that they put on when the are a bit "under the weather" cleaning up the mess after everyone has left the party. For me, that is the Bee Gees greatest hits (Spicks and Specks and Massacheusettes for my money) and the best of Dean Martin. Sad, I know.


This is all very amazing!

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