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Wednesday, 14 June 2006



i just love the running story. would it be unfair if i jumped on the running mags? i do love running, it would figure since there are so many other ways that we are in common. after having Alena i decided that i would sign up for a half marathon just to see get back in shape, it was a good experience.

as for the package i am happy that you enjoyed it and that it brightened your day. i had a lot of fun getting it together for you. i hate the days i feel like a short order cook and diaper changer.

quick question for you. what pattern did you use for the knitted flowers? i love the ones you gave me but i already know how to knit so that may be a good place for me to start.

oh, side note i am also in the magic ball swap how fun is that...


Wish I could run with ease but I look so unco-ordinated and weird.
I'll have to check back on the swaps - love parcels in the mail!

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