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Monday, 19 June 2006



Id go for Tracy Chapman. Love her and very mellow.


Norah Jones is nice. Oh, and Lauryn Hill's slow stuff off of her first album. She has one of those voices.
And Hi 5 must be a group in Australia because Hi Five used to be an R&B group here in the States back in the early, early '90s. But maybe fighting the crowds wasn't a bad thing; the girls went to bed early which can be nice.


'BeeGees Greatest Hits' double CD is another perfect chill out CD - love all the songs!


Anything by Sade


now THIS i can do...
i have a whole playlist
devoted to relax-me music...

sarah mclachlan (anything at all)
james blunt
anna nalick
blue rodeo (rain down on me, lost together)
suzanne vega (caramel)
any coldplay
some enya
some imogene heap
jeff buckleys version of hallelujah
leonard cohen
lots and lots of cowboy junkies

i feel relaxed now just writing them
and glad to hear you enjoyed
the concert even with a crowd

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