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Tuesday, 20 June 2006



chaple st is still worth a visit but make sure you go right to the end (Dandenong RD) for the windsor end. Chapel Bazzar is a one stop shop of all things "cool and retro"!!!!
Charmaines is still on Brunswick St and you gotta go to Smith St if you go out that way as well
Yes you need a wooly hat and gloves and a coat and thick socks........
I hope you are recovering well from you roof mishap. Did you get my postcard? :)
Depends where you are staying for a Japanese restaurant


Oh, I am so sorry about the rafter. It's good that you're taking it easy. And I can't believe I won. How cool is that! Now, you go and have a good, fun, restful trip to Melbourne.


Maybe you should come see me!? And Justine too.
Marta's Yarn is always a good place to visit.


i am so sorry to hear about your run in with the beam. i hope you are getting better, take your time. looking at that bird was so strange because it is almost the exact same pattern i did a bit ago for a knitted bird. i love how your sewn pattern looks and i am sure it is much faster then knitting up eleven or so little pieces and then sewing them together. the only problem is that knitting for me as you said is a bit zin like and i find it quite relaxing. i have about four more birds worth of yarn to use so i am not giving up yet.

take care and relax as much as you can till you feel better.


LOVE your birds!!! Really lovely!


A good easy japanesey place is Misuzus in Middle Park...? As for shopping, Id agree with Justine, the 'other' end of Chapel street is good, the other end...quite scary indeed. Unless you are J-Lo crossed with Sienna Miller crossed with Britney (minus the baby but with Kev) And yes, rug up. Its bloody freezing here.


Ginger is beautiful, even when she is pantsless!

Melbourne is so cold you won't need an ice pack for your head down here. How funny, I was getting all excited and thinking maybe we could meet up - but I am heading to Sydney this weekend.

There's a yummy little authentic Japanese restaurant on DeGreaves lane in the city - (runs between Flinders and Flinders lane in the Swanston to Elizabeth St section) closer to Flinders St, it's tiny!

Chapel St Bazaar is definitely worth a visit, allow yourself some time to spend at the vintage trims/buttons/lace/bits n pieces stall.

Oh and have a hot chocolate at Koko Black if you're passing by!


I love your Maggie-bird, she's just gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful time in Melbourne. :D


I'm so in love with that dolly!


You should try and go to Zakkaya, Nic from little sweet treat featured it on her blog last month and it looks divine. Here's a link to her post http://sweetlittletreat.blogspot.com/2006/05/goodies-for-your-life.html and here is Zakkaya website http://www.zakkaya.com.au/ Have fun I wish it was me!!


Agree on the Chapel St thing. Yes, Windsor end, No, Toorak Rd end. I would just say make sure you do all the little arcades in the city. From Flinders St, up to Bourke St and between Elizabeth and Swanston. Royal Arcade (great kids toy shop called Jasper Junior and a lolly shop called Suga), Block Arcade (a small Douglas & Hope shop), lots of other little ones along the way. Go and explore. It is going to be damn cold here on the weekend too. 12 - 13 degrees. I always love a wander in the National Gallery at Federation Square. Have fun - bring your thermals!

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