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Wednesday, 31 May 2006



Hi Marianne
I haven't had the crochet hook out for about, ooohh, 20 years since my grandmother first taught me. But I can see one of those scarfs in a mini version on my girls, so I am going to add it to my list of things to do,as soon as I can remember how to crochet again !!!

Belinda Andresson

Thanks for the how to, I must admit I've never crochet. But I would like to give it a go one day. I thinking a quite a few in the same colour stitch across the front of a clutch would be really cute!!


Hi, I noticed you don't have a "add my feed" link, on your blog like many typepad blogs have. Does that mean your blog doesn't have an RSS feed?

I would love to know what it is, so that I can add it to my daily feed list of craft blogs I read. I don't use typepad - I'm a livejournal.com person. :) We can add blogs to our lists, as long as they provide us the feed URL.


This looks do-able and its oh so pretty
Thanks for all the detailed instructions..

Lisa W.

thank you thank you thank you! I have been searching the internet and bugging my friends for how to make these flowers. Best wishes from Los Angeles.


You sent me this tutorial afew months ago and i started on it last night. You're right - the flowers ARE really easy to make, as soon as I got the hang of it! thanks so much for sharing this, and when I get it done, i'll be sure to send you a photo! Do you have photos of any other scarves like this that you've made? I love the rainbow one, but hmm... i wonder what other colour combinations I could use!? need some inspirations!


I tried your way, and got another flower altogether. It looks like a clover, only with 5 petals. Then I tried another way and got closer to the results you show. I don`t know if its the yarn (i used regular crochet yarn for 1.7 mm hook) or I got something wrong. Anyway, I tried it like this:
Round 1: same
Round 2: (3 ch, your Tr2tog, 2 ch, sc) 5 times. It got me closer...
Don`t know if will help, but thought u might like the feedback...
Lovely flower, btw...


i stumbled upon you site via your 100 flower scarf...which i LOVE! it just may be the final straw to get me learning how to crochet at last. thank you! also, i think your illustrations are fantastic!


I dont make scarfs...But love flowers. And one thing I would definataly do is, I will ask my wife to go through these 100 scarf flower patterns. As flowers are the one of the beautiful creatures by god & I love to see more & more flowers in front of me.


I only got 56 flowers!!! oh well great scarf though :)


How did you sew the flowers together? What thread did you use so it didn't show? I know that you are busy packing and moving, but if you could drop me a line with that info that would be great. I'm making this scarf for a Christmas present. My email is [email protected]


I have started to make this and have figured out a way to keep the sewing minimal.

I don't use the method to start the flower as described, I use the chain method and while I am working my sc's in the first row I crochet OVER the loose thread. This way I don't have to sew that one in. Then to connect the flowers I have been crocheting them together.

While the loop from the TR2tog is still on my hook I put the flowers I want to connect wrong sides facing and then slip stitch in the top of the TR2tog on the joining flower. No sewing them together! There is only one thread that I have to sew in for each flower.

I will say that I am 29 and have been crocheting for 15 years and this is by far one of the most beautiful patterns I have seen! Just stunning!

Thank you!


Tilia Linden

I got the same problem as preeety, it's a 5 leaf clover following your pattern. The cause of it is that the 3 chains create a loop. Perhaps 2 chains would be better.

I love the design though. I hope I can find a way to make it look as your flowers.

Philippine Flowers

Hi Marianne,
It seems your post really cool. i love crochet ever since. this is one of my hobby. thanks for sharing how to stitched a flowers. i will try this new design for a change. keep it up!




im loving your work and would love to make the flower pattern myself. im trying as i write but im a total crochetting dummy, dont get all these crochet codes. i only know how to start a basic pattern but the one above seems quite different. i cant figure out how to make the adjustable ring and how on earth the hands on the pic managed to continue this pattern?? could you please explain literary step by step how to tie the needle, where each piece of it and the crochet hook go...? ill be very grateful!

take good care,

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Hi there! Come visit my blog post at http://silkepowers.blogspot.com/2009/12/flower-power.html to see the scarves I made according to your instructions!! Thank you!!

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Its very attractive artificial flower's, I am very thankful to you. There is much important information about that how to make this flower I like it so much.


I'm going to post a link to your pattern & a picture of your finished project (until I get mine finished ) and credit it to you. My blog is crocheteveryday.blogspot.com. If this is a problem, please let me know. But I love your pattern and want to share it!


HI Marianne,
I love your website I've been looking everywhere for crochet flowers and I think yours are so pretty, alas I'm having trouble making them - I'm just learning to crochet! I'm afraid I just don't get your abbreviation (Tr2tog) am I meant to do the treble crochet on the 3 chains or on the base ring - help, I'd love to be able to make the scarf! :)


Its really such a hard work but the result is just perfect.

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I like the design of your blog very much. It looks like a page from fairy tale. I’m really impressed.

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