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Sunday, 21 May 2006


Elisabeth Augusta

Lovely scarf ;-)


What a great scarf. It's a wonderful interpretation of the theme! Great work, thanks for showing it off!!


Lovely scarf, and wonderful colours :-)


What great colors!


your scarf is so wonderful! i love it and all the colors you used!

stephanie s

i love the scarf! i have seen similar ones and thing they are just so nifty - you did a great job with the challenge!


This is a fabulous entry--love it!


What a wonderful scarf! I like the flow of the color changes.


Great use of color. I like the progression you used. The design of the flower itself is also very lovely. The whole thing works great! Beautiful.


the scarf is just just just lovely beyond belief! color in motion.


Awesome scarf!! Love the flowers and colors.


that is the most beautiful scarf I've ever seen. pure magic, I'm so yellous that it's not mine! :-)


this is gorgeous i love the color order!


Your scarf is perfect.


Wow. I love it!

Creative Kismet

This is so amazing! Beautiful idea!


ooh, lovely scarf and thanks for the inspiration! I've got a bagful of crochet hearts in various sizes that accumulated when I was trying to perfect the design - now I can do something with them!

ann wood

Congratulations Marianne, it's beautiful !


Oh Congratulations on this. From the first time I saw it I knew that you were going to win it is amazing.

Hey I wanted to let you know that I am sending you a package but want to finish up a few things for the girls, it will be in the mail soon. I have been quite productive this weekend because there has been nothing but rain.

Again you did a wonderful job!


Congratulations. This is amazing !! Clarice


Congratulations! That scarf is beautiful!

Lindsey (Yankee Girl Designs)

Oh my gosh, that scarf is amazing!!!
I don't suppose it's something you'll be making more of to sell?


I just found this while googling flower scarves - yours is the most cheerful looking one I've seen so far. Very inspiring!


Looks like just the thing for the long car trips I take. Each flower will represent a number of miles driven. Thanks!

mandy (uk)

hiya lovely site - was looking around at ATC sites and found yours - intriguing - love the little crochet flowers and am going to search for wool and a hook! love the little croceht pots too and wonderdi f youd ever tried crocheting carrier bags - a hobby my mother has found - dont use biodegradable ones or they fall apart - however here goes i hope u get this - roll the bag into a strip cut off the bottom and handles then cut the rolled bag into rings and join them together as u might rubber bands - about 45 bags makes one useful size shopping bag and gets you an empty drawer!

much love


I would love to know where i can buy one, they are absolutely gorgeous and very fashionable.


Hi there, I stumbled over your scarf-pattern at ravelry, and I love it!! it's my current WIP. I make flowers with cotton yarn in three different shades of violet and white.
Spring-Greetings from Austria, ConstanĀ“ze

boutique de laine

Is the yarns are knit with thick that needle?

eva cooper

wow that is gorgeous!

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Suzanne Harmon-Sneary

I'm completely undone over the scarf you made! I bought one similar and now I want to make one. I hope mine turns out as cute as yours did!

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