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My neighbour from up the street taught me how to crochet when I was six. I hold her responsible for my lifelong obsession with fibre and crafting of all sorts. I am a textiles designer who also loves to dabble in illustration, collage and printmaking. Old books and paper have a certain irresistable smell about them,that I find impossible to ignore. As a consequence I am always lugging home boxes of stuff. (My two little girls will most likely have fond childhood memories of time spent in op shops playing with one legged barbies and wagons with one wheel missing.....).

I am a magpie, with a hoard of treasured vintage fabric, buttons & trims that I use for making odd little toys and other bits of crafting goodness. Never leave me alone in a bookstore especially if they sell Japanese craft books or journals of any kind. You may not find me again.

I love to run.

I should get more sleep.

I hope with all my heart that my girls will want me to teach them to knit and sew.


knitting, running, jane austen, textiles, lotr, singing loudly (& badly?), drawing & painting especially with my girls, crafty stuff, books books books of all sorts especially picture books & japanese craft books