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Wednesday, 02 June 2010



I think that blogging seems a good idea and is theraputic when you start it, but like everything else it becomes something else that is making demands on your time. I blog but not as often as I feel I should and then I feel guilty, but I don't always have anything creative to show or amazing to say. Let it fit round your life not the other way around. We are still out there checking back with you. Don't lose heart. M x


so, my dear friend...i am still here.

seems we bloggers always hit this wall at some point. i think it's just important to focus on WHY you blog in the first place...ask yourself the question and answer it truthfully.

i usually come up with a list like
...i do it to connect with like minded women
....to document my creative journey (WHATEVER that may be since it is always shifting, changing)
...a motivator to COMPLETE projects
...to share
...(maybe just so your mum can peek in on you)

those of us out here who know you and love you know perfectly well that you have three little girls...and that keeps life full. raising children is a full-time job and blogging just may need to take a back seat for a little while.

i just have to say if it truly is not enjoyable for you or causes stress, you may want to find a differeent outlet.

sometimes just posting photos...no words...is a nice way to take a "break" from the writing.(and i've always loved your photos)

follow your heart dear...and maybe go get that haircut ;) xxxx

Dorien Ruben

How do you mean this is not interesting! A blog is about your life and life is not a flow of creativity that is endless, life is never perfect, although many blogs try to make everything look perfect. Crisis is normal and it has to exist I think. 10 minutes and limited word amount sounds interesting!
And welcome back in blogging. I am thinking I need to approach my blogging differently too.


oh my. Marianne, how are you?! we havent 'spoken' in so long. I just popped in and i see we could have written the same post yesterday. You said so much of what i am thinking..
I cant believe your little one is two already! congratulations!!! She is gorgeous.
I hope you are well. sending hugs,
love julie xxx


Hello! I'm here! Your blog couldn't possibly be mundane. You could post a list of things on your desk and it would be fascinating (I am a bit of a groupie, albeit an exceptionally lazy one). Sometimes seemingly dull things can be interesting. The other day I saw some leaves on the pavement and thought they had fallen in the most beautiful pattern. In my neighbourhood, girls who stare at leaves on the ground are frowned upon but at least I didn't miss a perfectly lovely scattering of leaves. If only I had a camera with me. I never seem have a camera when I need one.

Looking forward to your supposedly mundane postings!

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