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Sunday, 26 April 2009



He is adorable. Yes, I too spent way too much time the night before Easter attaching bunny limbs and stuffing bodies, all for a momentary "awww, how cute!" before the recipients moved on to all the chocolate and marshmallow Peeps...

avid crafter

Haha, I am yet to meet a small who paid more attention to the actual present than the wrapping paper. Perhaps we should just wrap paper with paper?
The bear is too cute!


Very cute bear. I love him, even if Grace doesn't!




He looks fantastic and I am sure that the lustre will wear of the bright shiny paper and the cool woollie polar bear will become a firm favourite - and if Grace is not careful one older sister of the other will acquire the bear!!


I am sure she will treasure it in days to come-just a gorgeous work of art


Grace will love it a bit later I'm sure... just keep it in a safe place and give it to her lately and tell her what she did... she will cherish it! I'm sure... we always love our softies if they have an emotional story behind it!!!!
I love it too... probably if you used shiny yarn...




This is so cool -when I left the little bear in London back in February, I never expected him to make a friend from Australia. I hope Grace appreciates the time and love you put into her little bear.

Thanks for posting - I love the way Patternfish makes my patterns available throughout the world!

Interpretations Knitting Design
(the bear designer)


This is adorable!

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