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Sunday, 22 March 2009


Georgie Love

That's beautiful. I wish you were my mum too! Please count me in.


This is so sweet of you : ) I had heaps of penpals when I was younger and my sister was insanely jealous. Note that she was older and could obviously write as well, but could never seem to establish a good relationship with her penpals.

Here's a suggestion: Charlotte could exchange paintings and drawings with her friends back home and become 'picture pals'!

This is such a great idea. I've been penpalling for almost 20 years and still can't resist a good dose of snail mail (either sending or receiving!)


That is a lovely idea. I'd be happy to send something to Charlotte.


I love postcards, sending and receiving, nearly as much as I love letters and parcels in the mail. When I was a little girl I used to write to my cousins all the time.

This is a wonderful idea! Count me in!


I love your idea.
I have one, a bit older girl who loves to get mail but unfortunatelly haven't find a penpal but I know she would be very happy to send one postcard to Charlotte.(And at the same time we could check if the post office works down here).


Of course I would love one of your lovely clocks. I will put my hand up for any of your creations.
A lovely idea, you should participate in Christie from Pigeon Pair's Kid swap.


oh!... i sent the Maurice zines in the SAME envelope. der... sorry.. hope Charlotte loves it anyway... I'll remember for next time..
love the print..


Lovely sweet idea of you and I would love to be involved!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovely idea! I would love to be in the draw and would definitely send a card to Charlotte from the Little Lockets!

Lucy x


How wonderful. When I was young,I had a cousin who travelled the world{ my uncle was a Marine}, and I absolutely loved getting mail from where ever she was, Paris, Nepal, ( where she rode elephants to school), Sweden( limos this time). She would write to me, and since she was older, and my only girl cousin, it was very special.I would love to follow in her footsteps and send Charlotte a post card from Vermont!The art of letter( or even postcard) writing is rapidly becoming a lost art, email is so convienent, but it can't replace the thrill of REAL MAIL, just for you.


Thats such an adorable idea! I would love to send Charlotte a postcard and would probably enjoy recieving your cuckoo clocks just as much actually! Nothing beats snail mail. I have friends with cuckoo clocks who would be thrilled to recieve such a well themed card :)


Just lovely! I will certainly send Charlotte a card - as well as treasure yours!


As I wass lucky enough to win one of your giveaways some time ago (the beautiful chair one, which is right in front of me now) it would not be fair to enter again, but I would be delighted to send Charlotte a postcard ~ if she would like one from the English sea-side!?
If yopu could email me your address, it will be in the post straight away!x


Silly me! annyac@hotmail.co.uk


Snail mail is the BEST treat to receive. I love looking in the mailbox to see a bit of color that you know is going to be good! Lovely gesture for your sweet girl. I'm in!


What a wonderful idea!!! I'd love to join in this. Your print is gorgeous... and who doesn't love receiving letters? My Dad sends my kids all kinds of rubbish (erm, newspaper articles and pictures of cute animals) but they love to receive theirs 'letters' from him.


ohhhh such a cute idea! i'll happily send her some mail even if you don't send me a postcard, just please email me where to send the postcard too!
and i'm cuckoo for the cuckoo clock!


Love your cuckoo clock, but will sent a postcard to Charlotte anyway, if you will mail me your current address.

Best wishes!


Real mail is such a delight, and with a uniquely printed design, a visual delight as well. Would love to send your cards!


I love real mail :)
My boys love to recieve post too - what a great giveaway x


ohhh what a great idea - count me in!


Lovely idea-lovely cuckoo clock! I am happy to send Charlotte her very own postcard if you would like:)


Awwww...I just missed it! What a sweetie you are! "Real Mail" love to Charlotte and all of you!


I am in, but wil send charlotte some mail anyway:)


i know your giveaway is done
but you touched my heart with your story
of Charlotte and longing for mail...
i would like to still send her a postcard,
if you don't mind...
just let me know where to send it!!

Edita Gorsh

The cuckoo clock design postcard looks very cute. I think this will be a perfect reminder for my friends/family members that time never stops so is my love to them.

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