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Saturday, 08 November 2008



Oh girl...chiffon?
You have my adoration for attempting it!
I have only made one wedding dress...for my oldest. It was made of ivory jacquard (sp?) and was much more doable for me. I still shook like a leaf when I made the first cut into the fabric!


You have just confirmed what I have always thought, that you are an amazingly generous woman...someone who would do anything for anyone. What a task you have undertaken at such a stressful time...maybe your sister could help you pack while you sew??
I am sure it will be nothing less that perfect.
By the way I can't view your image, but it might just be me.

London Mummy

What a lovely thing to do for your sister, I'm sure it will make her day even more special :)
A very warm (hmm can't promise that it won't be cold here in London when you arrive) welcome to the UK.


You are amazing wonderful person. I still love my wedding dress you did for me it has pride of place in my home. I can't ever thank you enough for helping make my/our wedding day so special. I can only bet how excited rose and charlie are about being flower girls again. love you lots Em


You are truly a super woman.


It sounds like you have a lot of sleepless nights ahead, powered by truckloads of tea and chocolate. Wishing you all the best in conquering the evil silk chiffon. Grace and the bobbly hat are a perfectly cute match.


Ooh, you are moving to the UK? how exciting! We welcome you and your family with opened arms :) (I seem to remember you saying you won't be making another Wedding dress?...Either way, it's going to be beautiful and yes, you are a super-woman!)


just remember big sister...you chose the material ;)

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